Nominal flow rate: 80 liter/min
Max. Pressure: P: 315 bar, T: 50 bar, A-B: 300 bar
Spool type: Standard open center spool , 4 positions
Number of spools: From 1 to 6
Leakage: 6 cm3/min at 100 bar (From A,B to T)
Fluid temperature range: -10 oC … +80 oC
Working fluid: Mineral based hydraulic oil
Viscosity: 10-100 cSt (46 cSt mineral based hydraulic oil is recommended, may vary in different climates)
Filtration: 10 to NAS 1638


Directional control valves are one of the core elements in a hydraulic circuit. They help directing the fluid to different components in the system.

Directional control valves perform only three functions:

Stop fluid flow
Allow fluid flow
Change direction of fluid flow
There is a part called «spool» inside control valve which can be operated mechanically or electrically. The movement of the spool lets oil flow or blocks the oil flow in other words it controls the movement of fluid. Hidros provide monoblock directional control valves with different capacities and spool control options such as hydraulic, pneumatic or with cables/joysticks.

P80 US17 has “teton” assembled with the valve. When user pushed the lever of the valve, the spool moves back. Before reaching the final point, teton is activated and the spool returns in neutral position. In this case the stroke is limited due to teton. Typical application for this valve is log splitters.

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